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Course Content

Who are your stakeholders?

How can you engage the people that use your system?

How long do people have to take your course?

Why will they take your course?

course structure

Will your course be on an intranet or the internet?

What journey do the people that use your course want to take?

How can you use interactions to reinforce learnings?

What else could you include to stimulate engagement?

Video Production

Who will the people using the system respect?

How can you bring the learning alive?

What visuals would explain your course material?

Flash Interactions

What are the fundamentals that you must express?

How will the people using your system react to simulations?

Which elements of your course require simulation and quiz?

How can the people using your system contribute?


How will you know if your system is being used?

How do you know how to improve it?

Who needs to see the reports?


What is the most efficient use of your budget?

How can you ensure schedule delivery?

How can you use the resources you currently have?


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