Our number one focus is engagement to budget. 
We are user driven first and foremost.  Too many systems are bought, built or developed without the thought of engagement.  These systems quickly disappear from use or build resentment when used.  Our systems are used and work because we have the user in mind during the whole process.

We also know we live in a world of shrinking budgets and raising expectations.  We are constantly streamlining our process to ensure we can handle changes quickly, so we can handle delays easily and we can ensure budget delivery.

These are the steps we usually follow....

BrainstormWe believe it is important to open creative thinking at the start. Seeking ideas from all stakeholders builds engagement in the final product. It's important to explore possibilities as technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Blueprint BuildWe deliver a base blueprint with look and feel images. This allows changes to be made without cost. We know nobody knows what they want untill they see it. This is why we take the time to create samples and visuals so you can anticipate your own needs.

User ResearchTaking the blueprints to the users gives us a massive advantage on ensuring engagment. They know what they want, and if they are allowed to contribute ideas they have a greater ownership.

redisgnTogether we implement the ideas that work, building a plan for the final system.

Build the EngineThrough several stages, usually beginning with the video production. We then build the engine from your software, our software and custom code.

Test and MeasureWe test the system with the users and our testers to ensure the course content and structure works.

RebuildWe implement the final changes and complete our own internal tests.

Train and EngageWe train the users and help engage them through launch strategy and marketing material.

Next Steps....

Need more information?

Email us at team@onlearn.com.au and we will send you some information on our workflow.

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