Our Customers Use Us For
Customer Training

Online learning can take so many forms, you have so many options in software, placement and usage. Here are some of the ways customers have used us....

Customer Training - Maintenance

A great up sell or a value add can be an online maintenance system. The savings on travel and engineer time are usually the reason to complete it, however it is the empowerment the customer gains that is usually the biggest benefit. Onlearn's systems are successfully being sold worldwide.

Customer Training - Training

How often do you find your customers not using the full features of your products and services? Training on product use is a great step towards building strong long term relationship. Onlearn's successfully delivers every time.

Customer Training - Product Knowledge

Consumers are information hungry, they need all the information and they need it easily accessible. Sounds simple to educate your customer on your product. However, providing an e-Learning system that allows your customer to take the journey they want isn't.

Customer Training - Up Learning

From webinars, to whitepapers, to active reports, sometimes we need to up skill our customer to the point they are ready to buy. Onlearn's team is constantly completing webinars and courses in several industries.

Customer Training - e-Learning

E-Learning fully integrated with PayPal as a stand alone business demands a robust system.

Our Customers Use Us For
Staff Capability Building

Internal systems can easily become redundant and unused. Onlearn's team is constantly building systems in a variety of industries to a range of budgets.

Staff Capability Building - e-Induction

Site inductions, new staff training, mission building, culture creation, onlearn's systems are built and tested to ensure engagement.

Staff Capability Building - Systems

The value of a business increase's as its dependence on key people decreases. Our builds have helped with training on production lines, safety, workflow, negotiation, and even making coffee. Every system is treated with the respect it deserves.

Staff Capability Building - Compliance

Our compliance systems have included tracking to ensure compliance. The automation of compliance has never been taken lightly at Onlearn.

Staff Capability Building - Market Research Learning

Onlearn has been instrumental in creating systems that communicate a common language across an organisation. Rather than valuable information sitting in a PowerPoint on a server, we build demographic profiles, ethnography, and insights that everyone can access.

Staff Capability Building - e-Learning

We have worked with hundreds of clients on a variety of solutions. We work across several industries and have the solutions to help.

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